Rodís 21 Ford Model T runabout restoration

The light spots are raised areas revealed from block sanding. Apparently the P.O. added some (lead?) filler and didn't bother to sand it flush before painting. I had thought the "Bubbling" was a result of rust or at the least poor paint prep (oily hands), but this is what I'm finding. 

Fenders, turtle deck and running boards are off.
I've got several possible ways of completing this. I could just "restore" it as a T roadster, I could make it into a pickup (the turtle deck is in pretty bad shape), or I could make it into another speedster. The pickup is occupying a favored position at the moment.
Color choice† is dark green. The fenders, skirt and running boards will remain black. Yes, I know, it's not a true 21 color, but I'm not a purist.

Body is off the frame! This one was a bit more difficult to get off, some of the PO's had done some extra curricular body to frame attachments that weren't  covered in the manual  (The firewall was pretty much fixed to the body, so it had to stay attached.


What Iím doing to remove the body (I donít have a helper) is to remove all the attachment bolts, then lower the hoist to just above the body. Attach the webbing and then raise the hoist. This allows the body to clear the frame, then just roll the frame out from under the body (see next photo) and lower the body onto jack stands.

Block sanding (by hand) the body.

I think I will remove the top completely.

I've got most of the body sanded down  as well as the hood. Next are the fenders and lots of detailing. This is starting to become a job :(. That hood appears to be fairly new.

Fenders, turtle deck and luggage rack, ready for sanding.

Frame and undercarriage cleaned . Primered and painted black.

Engine and transmission cleaned and painted with ford ďengineĒ green.

3 of the 4 wheels painted. This will be the body color.